Using 3D Technology to Improve Patient Care

Equipped with FDA-approved software, a tablet computer and a pen, Doctors at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center can transform a flat CT image of a tumor and the area around it into a computerized 3D image that can be rotated or flipped using a mouse or stylus. Taking it a step further, a surgeon can put on special goggles, view the tumor in virtual reality as if it’s floating in the air, and use a hand-held controller to rotate and enlarge it to explore the organs and other structures around the tumor. Diagnostic radiologist, Dr. Larson Hsu illustrates how cutting-edge 3D Technologies are opening new pathways for treatment and improving patient care.

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Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Larson Hsu, MD

Larson Hsu, MD

Diagnostic Radiologist

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