Particle Therapy: Past, Present & Future

Saif Aljabab, MD, FRCPC, discusses the past, present and future of particle therapy. A plethora of technical, logistical and financial advances have occurred in the field of particle therapy. With the increased uptake of particle facilities worldwide, comes the task to discuss the impact of these changes on our future practice. In this presentation, we will explore the evolution of proton beam therapy as well as other high LET particles such as neutrons and carbon-ion therapy.


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Saif Aljabab
, MD

Saif Aljabab, MD

Assistant Professor of Oncology
Department of Radiation Medicine

EDUCATION AND TRAINING:  MBBS - King Saud University, School of Medicine, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   AREAS OF EXPERTISE:  Breast Cancer Head and Neck Cancer Skull Base Tumors Ocular Melanoma Lung Cancer   SPECIAL ...